Using Historic Earth to see how the shape of
Manhattan has changed. View on YouTube

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Drawing on the world's largest online collection of geo-coded historic maps, Historic Earth allows you to virtually travel back through time in many locations. Geo-coding allows the maps to closely overlay a modern map, so that the same locations can be compared in various time periods. Historic Earth allows you to map the history of cities, times, buildings and landmarks. View historic maps showing property owners, see buildings constructed and replaced, and watch the landscape change over time.

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Currently we have over 32,000 high-resolution plates covering several U.S. cities and states up-close (including most of the Midwest, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and parts of several states) as well as a set of large-scale antiquarian world maps, covering the continents of South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia as they were mapped in the old world. The collection will be continuously expanding to over 130,000 as more of the large Historic Map Works archive is made available through geo-coding.

Some Features

The Historic Earth iPhone App is based on Old Map App, an earlier prototype.

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A network connection is required for using Historic Earth. Because maps are loaded from our servers, you will automatically have access to new maps as more regions and collections become available.